Tapping Into Yoga

Tapping into Yoga links two unlikely partners -  Yoga and Tap Dancing- to realize connection with the earth, sound, and each other. Yoga practices of poses, breathing and sensory discipline, clear the mind and ground energy. Mindful tap dance combines the tradition of communal storytelling through rhythmic sound plus contemplative movement and deep listening practices. Through this exploration of diverse, contemplative and communal forms, participants will cultivate a dynamic sense unity in sound, connection with the earth and and the collective energy. Combining these mediums to a mindful end reinforces the adage,”one truth, many paths”. A 90 minute workshop.


Use of different mediums to achieve a state of mindfulness.

The workshop may include:

  • Meditation

  • Yoga asana (poses) practice for opening the mind/body and grounding

  • Breathing practices (pranayama) for warming up the body and focus

  • Sensory Control (pratyhara) for clearing the mind

  • Mindful Movement practice to center the body

  • Tap dance movement to make connection with feet to earth

  • Basic tap dance combination followed by mindful movement practice