Mindful Visioning Workshop

“If you can see it, you can achieve it.” Patricia Amis

“All things be ready if our minds be so” - Henry V by William Shakespeare

Mindful Visioning Workshops combine the mind/body connection of ancient yoga practices with the healing abilities of creative processing to help participants clearly envision things they wish to manifest in their life.

Science has proven that when multiple synapsis are connected in the brain, the brain is better able to grasp a particular concept and incorporate that idea into daily life. Mindful visioning uses a multi-sensory approach to goal setting that prepares the mind to change old patterns and create new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that open pathways to reaching mindful or practical goals.

Certified Yoga Instructor/Writer, Mary Burruss designs a customized Mindful Visioning workshop  to meet your particular group’s needs. Workshops may include:

  • yogic breathing practices (pranayama)

  • laugha yoga

  • meditation

  • physical yoga practice (asana)

  • creation of a visioning prop by each participant ,

  • journaling session

  • time for processing

This Workshop is Ideal For:

Anyone who wishes to bring more courage, serenity, acceptance, stability, hope, clarity, or focus into their lives.