Laughter Yoga

Laugha Yoga, or Hasya Yoga as it was called in ancient India, is a totally fun yet powerful practice that works through laughter that can

  • Cause a profound improvement in mood

  • Reduce tension & stress

  • Increase confidence

  • Boost of the immune system

  • Help connect to the true self

In this mirth-filled workshop participants will experience first hand the scientifically proven benefits of laughing for the heck of it.

Service(s) Offered:

Certified Laugha Yoga Leader, Mary Burruss will presents this fun, enlightening Laugha Yoga Workshop which is appropriate for any age group (basically if you are breathing you can do this) and can be adapted to incorporate movement or not.  Workshop themes may focus on health, healing, team building.

This workshop may include:

  • Meditation

  • Explanation of benefits of laughing for the fun of it

  • Laughter games

  • Laughing yoga nidra (deep relaxation)