Last week I went to see the film, Gloria Bell  with my college buddy, Jamie. I found myself cringing in my seat several times as the title character went through her routines. Deftly played by Julianne Moore, Gloria is a divorced, middle-aged woman with grown children. I put my hands over my eyes more than once during the film because I recognized so much of myself being played out on the big screen for the whole world to see…

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Pickle Juice

Last week on NPR’s radio program, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me there was a story about a man who accidentally Crazy Glued his bum to a countertop (or some other similar surface). The man claimed to have used his smartphone to Google a solution to his problem and luckily for him the search yielded a practical and effective answer. Pickle juice. Yes, according to the news source the man used picked juice as a solvent for the glue to un-stick his derriere!

Not only is this story hilarious but it makes a good point about getting unstuck.

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Welcome to Flowering Cactus

My ultimate hope for this entity which is currently only myself, a mind/body coach/yoga instructor/public speaker and writer, is to be a resource for finding self-actualization, acceptance and love through a variety of means provided by a plethora of experts. A one stop shop, if you will, for you to find the people who can help guide you to that place of serenity that will make your life more joyful, abundant and meaningful. 

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